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Relocating and moving to Britain can be exciting and wonderful. It can also be daunting and confusing - like stepping into the unknown. Moving a young family or starting a family and raising children in a country not your own may be a common occurrence, but it does pose challenges in addition to the regular day to day trials and tribulations of parenting.

Bringing Up Brits shows what life is like for a non-British mother raising children in Britain today. Nearly a quarter of all births in Britain are to foreign mothers - this is a significant part of the population and an important influence in our communities.

Meghan Fenn's guest appearance on a Sky TV chat show about multicultural Britain. She talks about her book Bringing Up Brits and how it can help other parents. WATCH THE SHOW HERE

"I just finished reading your book and I enjoyed it a lot. I definitely felt I could relate to your situation even though I don't have children yet; it is definitely on my mind a lot as I approach my thirties. I think it is good to consider these challenges before having children so it doesn't come as a total shock. I do consider the pros and cons of birth and raising children in the US vs UK." - Jessica, American expat

"I can totally relate to this book. I came over in 1984 from Hong Kong to marry my English husband. I had no family or friends and certainly felt isolated a lot of the time. This book reminds me of my early days in Britain!”
- Helen Raggett, expat mother from Hong Kong

"This book is a must read for anyone feeling isolated - living in Britain! There is support out there and the book contains great ideas for incorporating your own culture into your children's lives!" - Jennifer Trew, Canadian expat mother


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Bringing Up Brits is a book for expat parents who are raising their children in Britain. It includes stories from parents from Algeria, China, Poland and many other countries.