As we approach our annual family holiday, now seems like a good time to break for tea (so say the English) and to regroup (so say the Americans). I will be sure to post if anything significant happens with my bid to become a British citizen or if I come across a guest post that would be of interest.

Thanks so much for tuning in for so long, for all your comments and for inspiring me to write this blog and my book Bringing Up Brits.

Wherever you are – either at home or abroad, or living an expat life, I hope you have a wonderful summer and please keep in touch via Bringing Up Brits Facebook page and on Twitter. / @bringingupbrits

And for those who don’t yet know (although I’m sure that by now you all probably do know) you will find me working all hours of the day and night running my company White Ochre Design. You can find me on Facebook, on Twitter @mummymeg and on Google+ Please keep in touch!

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Jonah on Brighton beach

Anna Grace feeding the ducks

Sam with Grandpa

kids at victoria park

Over the summer holidays, Jonah will be doing the library reading challenge, attending several days of holiday club, enjoying being at home ‘chillaxing’ and enjoying a day out at Alton Towers and hopefully Legoland and Chessington too.

Anna Grace will be reading, reading and reading with a bit of dancing and a few sleepovers in between family days out.

Sam is volunteering as a helper at the library over the summer and will also be reading, gaming, meeting up with friends, earning extra pocket money by babysitting and enjoying his birthday trip to Alton Towers.