Gosh this month has been full of birthdays, hospital visits, a surprise surgery and lots of work. I think I’ve re-defined my own definition of busy! Through it all, we’ve been safe in the knowledge that the National Health Service (NHS) here in Britain is here to help no matter what the hour or the emergency. Incredible really and we are so thankful. I know we pay for it and it’s not ‘free’ BUT, we don’t get hit with huge bills and we don’t have to stress about whether our insurance will cover it and how we’re going to pay for bills that insurance won’t cover. In addition, the care and compassion they’ve shown us has put us at ease and helped us through a traumatic time and an unexpected and unwelcome medical event. The NHS is such an amazing service and we must not take it for granted.

March is normally a busy month nevermind all that! My daughter turned 12 this year and my youngest turned 6. Two very different types of birthday celebrations! One involved a very lovely but very loud girly sleepover, a day of paint balling and lots of muddy shoes and dirty clothes. The other was an incredibly sweet soft play party at Flying Fortress. It’s wonderful to see friendships at this age and all the children were so well behaved and made it a fun and memorable party for us all.

Some of you may remember me mentioning a charity that I support each month through my company by providing lunch to 900 school children in Tanzania. Well, I am now the UK Ambassador to The Lunch Project and am organizing my first networking and shopping fundraising event and the launch of TLP UK! If you live in the Brighton/Hove/Worthing area, please do come along on the day. It’s going to be fun and for a great cause. I’m supporting two charities – Chestnut Tree House and The Lunch Project and all proceeds go to both charities. I love that I’m bringing an American based charity that helps feed Tanzanian school children to Britain where my own school age children live and are growing up as cross-cultural kids.


Gorgeous yummy birthday cakes for a gorgeous girl.
Cakes by Sarah Stubbs of Let’s Cook at Home


The cheekiest member of our family turned 6.
Photo by Jenny Rutterford Photography

The Lunch Project UKwww.thelunchproject.org.uk

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