Possibly THE biggest celebration from my home country is nearly upon us. As  a child, I remember all those turkeys I decorated by using my hand as their feathers – the color of the construction paper (rusty orange, yellow, red and black – for the pilgrim’s hats) and the smell of Elmer’s glue we used to pay tribute to our forefathers. Aahhh what fun. I tried to show my daughter how to make one of these a few years ago and she laughed at me! Maybe I’ll try again with Jonah. Problem is that you can’t find that specific kind and rusty orange color of construction paper here! It’s not even called construction paper!

The last time I celebrated Thanksgiving in the USA was in 1993! So to say I’m missing it is an understatement. I have celebrated it here in the UK a few times both successfully and unsuccessfully (see an earlier blog post about Thanksgiving here). My kids don’t remember the times we celebrated it and my husband does actually like it, but doesn’t miss it when we don’t celebrate it. It’s really difficult to celebrate such a huge holiday when here it’s just a normal working day. It takes days to prepare for the Thanksgiving feast and Americans have a 4 day weekend to cook, relax and shop. It’s such a wonderful time and most people go home to spend Thanksgiving with their families. However, the fourth Thursday of November in Britain is just another regular hum drum day. I think another difficulty in celebrating it here is that there is no one to celebrate it with. I don’t know any other Americans here so to plan and prepare a huge Thanksgiving holiday feast for just me seems ludicrous.

I am planning a special American history lesson for my children today which will hopefully involve some paper turkey making, even if they are blue, green and red instead of rusty orange! Here are a few links that might help if you also want to teach your children about American Thanksgiving:






What are you plans this year, if any? Please share your ideas for celebrating Thanksgiving abroad. I want to know what other American s do around the world!
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