One thing I LOVE about living in Britain is the quintessential village fair or fête as they are often called. I adore the middle class English look and feel of walking around a field browsing and buying an over-priced compot or a home-made heart made out of dried fruit. Although it looks gorgeous, it’s neither something I need nor anything useful. I am just buying it because of the setting, the presentation of it and the wonderful people flogging their wares all in the name of the quaint village fête. There is a quality to them that just makes me happy and pleased to be living in England. This amuses my British husband to no end! However, we’ve been to so many village fairs together that he now loves them as much as I do and we often try and seek out the most middle class ones just to ensure a day of aspirational hob knobbing and the most scrumptious home-baked victoria sponge.

Fulking Village Fair

Photo by John Hazard

I think the best one we’ve experienced so far has been the Fulking Village Fête. A tiny place set in the South Downs in Sussex, Fulking Village is famous for its annual Fête complete with dog show, BBQ and live music. I mean, the dogs’ goodie bags were even something to covet, never mind all the Boden clad families and Cath Kidston picnic baskets! That is how good this summer fair is. I just can’t put my finger on it – maybe it’s because I’m not British, but I just love it all. I force my children to partake in these excursions and they don’t quite see what all the fuss is about. As long as they get to decorate and eat a fairy cake and get to throw something at a coconut, then they’re happy.

And quiz question, guess who performed live? See photo. Amazing or what?! I look forward to seeing how many people get the answer right!

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