My husband and I moved to Kuwait last year when my little boy was 1 year old, he had an amazing routine when we were in Canada but after moving that all went out the window!

I struggled in a new country making friends and also meeting people who understood what I was going through. I started following The Mothership and messaged them within two months to ask about their Sleep Support Packages – at first I didn’t agree with this as it sounded like I had to train my child and most Sleep Trainers had advised me to do ‘Cry it Out’ which I was not comfortable with, but after asking a billion questions I finally booked a Sleep Support Package with Alexandra! I spoke with Alexandra and she took everything in to consideration; what I was comfortable with, what my husband was comfortable with and also my son’s health.

Alexandra really worked with me and talked me through each step, she also wrote out the plan for me so I can refer back to it on days where I am struggling to keep the new routine and even after the package she still helps me.

The Sleep Support Package really does what is says and SUPPORTS you each step of the way. Investing in the SSP was the best thing I could of done, my son has less tantrums as he is sleeping better and I am a lot better to be around now that I sleep at least 7 hours a night (sorry to rub that in).

Thank you Alexandra and The Mothership! xxx

A message from Alexandra, CEO of The Mothership:

The Mothership’s Sleep Support Package

The Mothership offers a Sleep Service personalized for you. If you are wondering if you will ever get a good night sleep again or that your little one will sleep calmly at night or in the day then the Mothership can help. Regardless of your parenting style we will find an approach, which you are comfortable with and that is right for your baby. Having a gentle hand to guide, encourage and reassure you can make all the difference in achieving your goals. We believe it is important to have a service, which holds your hand when you need it, and lets you grow in your own confidence and ability at other times.

As well as our detailed consultations we offer you a months unlimited phone and email support to make sure we can achieve your goals. We will help you to find realistic goals, which are appropriate for your little ones age, development and temperament and review your whole 24 hour routine and not just the sleep times. We can advise on reflux, tongue-tie, baby sleep care and toddler and Pre-School challenges. Contact us to discuss your own needs and see if you feel we are the right people to support you and your family at this time.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions in regards to pregnancy of parenthood, we are here to Learn – Develop – Grow as a expat community!


Alexandra Eleftheriou founded The Mothership whilst working in the Middle East as a Maternity Nurse, after identifying the need to support expat parents and parents with no family network close by. Alexandra believes in attachment parenting values, positive parenting principles and other parenting styles that nurture the parent-child bond, whilst guiding clients to respectful solutions to their sleep issues.