Something very funny happened today when we were at the Vet having our kitten jabbed. All 3 kids were with me and while I was trying to stop Jonah from breaking the cat toys and my older son (who should know better) from causing bodily harm to his younger brother, I noticed a flyer for their xmas fayre and was mildly interested. Not that I feel we need to spend ANY more money at the Vets (can’t believe how expensive it is to keep a cat in jabs – we were in the vet room for under 5 minutes and the bill came in at ¬£67). The receptionist noticed me looking at the flyer, and thankfully did NOT notice that Jonah had disconnected the mouse from its string on two of the cat toys, and asked if we would be interested in coming. We all nodded and smiled and made non-commital noises. She then tried to beef up the invitation by saying the following (and this is the funny bit and i hope it comes across in this dialogue¬† – it’s one of those ‘had to be there’ type moments!):

Lady: It’s going to be fun! Don Keys will be there (big knowing smile)

Me: Who’s Don Keys?

Lady (perplexed expression): You know, don-keys (with a very uplifting tilt to her accent on the second syllable)

Me: ???

Lady: You know, they are sort of like horses (even bigger smile with a hint of worry)

Me: Oh! Donkeys. Aha. Yes I understand (lots of laughing).

My daughter Anna Grace looked at me like I was insane. At least Sam and Jonah thought it was funny and forgave me for being so American!

I guess that’s told me. The lady really did have a very strong British accent.