If you’ve ever wondered, like I have, why British people say Maths instead of Math then watch this video explaining the origins of the word and why there is so much heated debate surrounding both ways of saying Math the American way and Maths the British way.

I saw this video on Facebook, posted by Janet, the best friend of my sister-in-law and the lady who introduced me to Farmer Jason’s Punk Rock Skunk. Janet writes for country music magazines, designs and makes bespoke western shirts and takes frequent trips to Nashville, the epicenter of all things ‘country’ in America.  Check out Janet’s Facebook page Dandy and Rose where you’ll see one of her shirts – designed and made by Janet – worn by Jim Lauderdale on the hit US TV show ‘Nashville’. Janet found this video interesting enough to post on Facebook and now I’m posting it here on my blog. This is an education for my children (and for yours too!) and will help them understand why I say Math ‘the weird way’ (and why I am an embarrassment to their lives in general).

Watch and learn with an open mind.