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Bringing Up Brits is THE book for parents from other cultures who are raising children in Britain, and in addition for family or friends who are touched by this. This blog is to complement my book and generate discussion and communication about living an expat life, parenting in a foreign country and bringing up British children in a foreign country.

Find out more about Bringing Up Brits Here are some comments about the book:

“I’ve just finished your book. I was standing in front of the laptop, waiting for some updates to end when I picked up your book to read a bit more only to find myself moving on to the next chapter and the next and the next. Not only could I get to know you and your story better but it also made me remember my unspoken fears about Anna’s starting school here and possibly having to ‘explain’ herself and her mixed nationality. My biggest fear has always been that she may hate her other [Romanian] self and wished she had been English only. Well, we shall live and shall see.” – Estera, expat mother from Romania

“My husband has settled in the uk because i couldnt face bringing my kids up in a different culture that i had no history in, i take my hat off to you and everyone else! It’s a really massive brave thing to do.” – British mother married to Canadian expat

“I can totally relate to this book. I came over in 1984 from Hong Kong to marry my English husband. I had no family or friends and certainly felt isolated a lot of the time. This book reminds me of my early days in Britain!”
– Helen Raggett, expat mother from Hong Kong

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