What readers say about Bringing Up Brits

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“This is a great book that I read in one sitting, as I just had to keep on going to find out what advice and experiences that Peterson Fenn has had. Needless to say I was not disappointed. I found myself identifying with many of the situations that she has experienced, and now thanks to her resources page there are some additional books and websites that I need to explore.” – Worldlover

“I loved this book. As the child of an Indian mother who left her native South Africa to live in Britain with my English dad, I felt I could relate to what it must have been like for her bringing up her children in a culture very different to her own. I loved reading about people’s experiences in the book, it gave it a very real feel. I was also saddened by the negative experiences.

It was lovely to read about the authors Americanisms and it reminds me that here in Britain we do have some awareness of American culture, probably due to the amount of American TV programmes. However, British culture seems quite alien to those arriving here!
A must read for Brits and non-Brits alike!” – Sun Flower mama

“This book is a must read for anyone feeling isolated – living in Britain! There is support out there and the book contains great ideas for incorporating your own culture into your children’s lives!” – Jennifer Trew, Canadian expat mother

“I just finished reading your book and I enjoyed it a lot. Those are all things I think/worry about and I don’t even have kids yet (planning to in a few years). I definitely felt I could relate to your situation even though I don’t have children yet; it is definitely on my mind a lot as I approach my thirties. I think it is good to consider these challenges before having children so it doesn’t come as a total shock. I do consider the pros and cons of birth and raising children in the US vs UK.” – Jessica, American expat – see Jessica’s story here.

“This is a great book for grandparents. It’s very useful for us because our daughter is in the same situation and we can understand what life must be like for her.” – Mother to a New Zealand expat parent raising two children in England.

“Despite not having kids I can relate to so much of what you say – as I moved to the UK on my own at 18. Even though it was only from Ireland – our cultures are so different. Many of your observations are just what I have felt and experienced too.” – Vernice, from Ireland.

“After reading the first chapter of ‘Bringing up Brits’ it really made me think of how a friend I’d met at my NCT class who is Czech must have felt in her first few years living in the UK. I remember how she said “it’s a shame how no one keeps in contact anymore, I thought these classes would mean we’d all be lifelong friends.” It made me sad to think that I’d been too busy with work and life in general to keep in touch with her more. I phoned her straightaway and it was great to hear how she was doing, expecting her second child and feeling happier living here. She was so pleased to hear from me and I will try and support and see her more.”
– Ruth, British mother

“Very very interesting. Even though not directly relevant to me it made me much more aware of how my 2 close friends from Kansas & the Phillippines must find it to be living here and the things they must find frustrating.” – Lucy, British mother

A Slovakian/British mother came up to me today and gave me a hug. She told me she had read the first few chapters of Bringing Up Brits and that she was amazed at how well I had captured her own feelings. She said, “It was like you were reading my mind”. Made me choke up a bit. I’m so pleased that this book is already beginning to touch people’s hearts and minds.

“I’ve just finished your book. I was standing in front of the laptop, waiting for some updates to end when I picked up your book to read a bit more only to find myself moving on to the next chapter and the next and the next. Not only could I get to know you and your story better but it also made me remember my unspoken fears about Anna’s starting school here and possibly having to ‘explain’ herself and her mixed nationality. My biggest fear has always been that she may hate her other [Romanian] self and wished she had been English only. Well, we shall live and shall see.” – Estera, expat mother from Romania

“My husband has settled in the UK because I couldn’t face bringing my kids up in a different culture that I had no history in, I take my hat off to you and everyone else! It’s a really massive brave thing to do.” – British mother married to Canadian expat

“I can totally relate to this book. I came over in 1984 from Hong Kong to marry my English husband. I had no family or friends and certainly felt isolated a lot of the time. This book reminds me of my early days in Britain!” – Helen Raggett, expat mother from Hong Kong

“Essential reading for all non-Brit and repatriating Brit mums. Written with insight, humour and honesty this book connects with the reader and restores a sense of self. All Brits who care about community would do well to read it too.” – Eileen Wheeler, Life Coach and British mother

“You gain empathy very quickly for the situation ‘we’ foreigners are in, trying to adapt to this culture and nation” – Mi Bewick, Swedish expat mother

“Reading Bringing Up Brits made me realise that I was not alone, I waited 14 years for that experience so this book is a very welcome companion to all of us expats finding our way as parents in a foreign country! Thank you Meghan for having the passion and energy to actually put pen to paper and to write about what so many people are experiencing in Britain today.” – Heidi Walker, American expat mother

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