MEG-A CULTURE CLASH Real-life Meghan Markles reveal what it’s like to marry a British guy… from learning rude slang to making the first move

Fabulous speaks to four US brides, including Meghan Fenn, who married British blokes – just like Meghan.
Meghan Fenn in the Sun, Fabulous

Meghan on Business Radio
Meghan is interviewed by Tino on Business Radio on board the Start Up Britain Mumpreneurs Networking Club Business Bus tour.

Inspirational mum on Lingotastic
Meghan is an inspirational mum on Lingotastic website. Read the interview here.

Guest blogger Corinne is featured in The Little Book Magazine
One of our guest bloggers, Corinne McKenna is featured in The Little Book Magazine. Kiwi cacophony meets British reserve.

Multicultural Kid Blogs
Meghan is featured on Multicultural Kid Blogs.
Raising Mixed Race Multicultural Kids in Britain: An American Expat’s Story

Meet the AngloINFO Expat of the Week
Meghan is featured on AngloINFO. Meet the Expat #90 – Meghan Fenn from the UK

Very Expat Problems
Meghan contributed to Very Expat Problems – Your Observations about Life Overseas by Laura Parsons of forfx.

Meghan is interviewed by Rachel Smets. An expat entrepreneur interview on life as an expat and business woman.

Podcast interview with Meghan Fenn
Podcast interview on Thriving Abroad.
Inspiring Expat Interviews – Meghan Fenn
You can listen to the interview on our blog or you can listen on iTunes. For those who prefer to read, here’s a pdf of the interview

Global Living Magazine

Bringing Up Brits is featured in the May/June 2015 issue of Global Living Magazine

US Expat Living In England – Interview With Meghan on Expats Blog, An Expat Experience Shared…. READ THE INTERVIEW

An interview with Meghan on about living as an American expatriate in England. I would advise people to look into what is required and how to go about getting a visa or permanent resident status because they may need to prove certain things….. READ THE INTERVIEW

Meghan’s guest blog post on the Expat Hub about turning redundancy into an expat entrepreneur adventureMoving abroad and becoming an expat can be really exciting – a new chapter in your life! It can also be a bit scary and there’s always an element of the ‘unknown’….. READ THE ARTICLE

Meghan wrote an article for the Amsterdam Small Business Network on her second book, Inspiring Global Entrepreneurs. I love my business! Read the article here.

Meghan in the Randolph-College quarterly bulletin. A feature on Inspiring Global Entrepreneurs with her co-auther Heidi.

Meghan Peterson Fenn’s guest appearance on The Chrissy B Show, a live Sky TV talk show.

If you prefer to watch it on the Chrissy B website, then Click here.

Meghan Peterson Fenn’s guest appearance on The Love Talk Show, a live Sky TV talk show.
Meghan talks about how compromise is important for cross-cultural relationships.

You will need to fast forward to the middle of the show. Meghan’s appearance is during the second half.

Featured in Families Magazine South Coast, Manchester and Cheshire, Autumn 2012

Cathy L Powell reviews Bringing Up Brits on
“I loved this book from the first page and I read it in one afternoon. There were so many places in the book that I found myself nodding my head, realising that I have had so many experiences similar to Peterson Fenn, including when I lived in England in 1999 before I met my husband.”



Article about schools in the UK on Expat Arrivals, Expat Expert Meghan Fenn offers her take on the British schooling system and what to consider when raising your children as an expat in the United Kingdom. READ ARTICLE


ExpatExplorer rates Meghan Fenn as number 2 in the top 10 expat mummy bloggers! The Rise of the Expat Mummy BloggerREAD ARTICLE


Bringing Up Brits in the Nationals! Meghan’s comments and photo were in the Daily Mirror January 23rd 2012. An article by Tanith Carey about the new book ‘French Children Don’t Throw Food’ features other author comments including Meghan’s. SEE FULL ARTICLE

Meghan Fenn in the Mirror


Guest book review on Between Worlds
I’d like to introduce a new book that looks like it would be appealing to many readers here. READ REVIEW


Guest writer on The Insiders’ Guide to Expatriate Health
Guest Writer: Europeans are too hard on the NHS.
Meghan wrote an article about her experience with the NHS as an expatriate UK resident. READ ARTICLE


Guest writer on Family Friendly Working
Guest Writer: Starting up a business in Britain as an exapt mother.
Meghan wrote an article on what it’s like to set up as business as a foreigner in Britain. READ ARTICLE


Radio interview, Coastway Hospital Radio for Brighton
Meghan was a guest on Charlie’s World, Charlie Plunkett’s radio show, on the radio station Coastway on November 19, 2011.

Book review of Bringing Up Brits by Rachael Dines on Jettsetlers Magazine website
Jetsettlers is an online magazine dedicated to bringing expats all over the world together and sharing their unique voices. It is a community of storytellers, reporters, reviewers, writers and observers. READ THE REVIEW


Guest writer on ExpatExplorer blog
Guest Blogger: Meghan Fenn – Bringing Up Brits
Meghan wrote an article on what it’s like to be a cross cultural family in Britain. READ ARTICLE


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The number of British children growing up in  households where the first language is not English has exploded in the past few  years .  With the  immigration rise over the past decade and the  mass global movement of people from developing countries or unstable regimes  coupled with the western world’s easy movement of working environments the  number of children born in Britain  to foreign parents has risen steeply …. READ MORE


Bringing Up Brits book review by Family Friendly Working
The global world that we now live in has presented us with a whole   selection of possibilities that were once the preserve of the minority.   With the increase in global communication and reach the . . . READ MORE


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