Meghan Fenn is an American expat and mother who has lived in England since 1998. After graduating from university with a BA in English and Art, she became an English teacher and lived and worked in Prague for two years and then in Tokyo for two and a half years. She moved to England to complete her Masters degree in Design Studies and then worked as a web designer at a company in Nottinghamshire. After being made redundant whilst pregnant with her 2nd child, she set up her own web and graphic design company, White Ochre Design Ltd. Over the years, she has built up her company alongside her family life in the UK. Meghan is passionate about design, about working with people and about providing a professional and personable service. She turned White Ochre Design into a professional power house providing design services at a high standard with creativity at the forefront.

In September 2015 Meghan formed her new company Shake It Up Creative in partnership with a business associate offering design and marketing services, training and consulting.

Meghan currently lives on the Southeast coast of England, is married to an English man and has three children, all born in the UK.

Bringing Up Brits is her first book and her second book, co written with Heidi Walker, called Inspiring Global Entrepreneurs is also available on Amazon.

She writes articles and blog posts for blogs such as Expat Explorer and Expat Health and runs this blog, Bringing Up Brits for parents, expats, Americans and working mothers.

Bringing Up Brits is available from , Amazon, Amazon Kindle, WHSmith, and Waterstones.

Top 5 embarrassing facts about Meghan, an American living in Britain:

  • Although she has been driving since the age of 15, at the age of 32, she failed her British driving test (she has since passed it!).
  • She sometimes forgets, and drives on the wrong side of the road in remote areas or where there are no other cars to follow.
  • She often confuses people by asking them where the bathroom is (in restaurants or venues).
  • She cannot remember all the American State capitals anymore or all the American holidays.
  • Meghan still watches re-runs of ‘Friends’ nearly every day.