Useful websites, Blogs, Forums and Facebook pages

Websites for raising bilingual children and for language learning

System designed to make reading and spelling English easy, even when it is a second language.

Learn the native language of your wife, husband, or partner. Help raise your children bilingually! Learn English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese at Cactus Language.

Multilingual Family in the UK: Find out about other parents speaking the same language as you in the area where you live.

Websites for moving and relocating

Rainier Overseas Movers takes the worry out of shipping your family’s belongings and is a leader in helping people moving to the UK from the USA.

The Relocation Bureau, relocation services for the UK and Europe.

Blogs and websites for expats

A hub for all the latest expat conversations and the home of the Expat Explorer survey.

Website and online forum for Americans living in the UK.

Find everything you need to know about about your destination in ExpatArrivals country and city guides and read what the expat experts say.

Blog for expat parents in Britain and anyone interested in what life is like in Britain for foreign parents

Website for Americans in the UK and includes a forum.

The largest global website helping women living overseas.

Living in England blog. Also has blogs about living in other countries too.

Blogs from around the world, recommended blogs, articles and information about travelling, relocating and expat life.

Alan Paul, American expat parent in China and author of Big in China: My Unlikely Adventures Raising a Family, Playing the Blues and Becoming a Star in Beijing (Harper), which USA Today hailed as “big–hearted memoir with emotional depth.”

Bringing Up Brits on FB!

Expats in Biz

Website and book for expats who are in business. Practical information and success stories to help you with your own business.

Websites for speciality food and products

American Sweets, Candy, Drinks & Food in the UK

Ocado American food shop.
Groceries, candy, drinks, condiments and snacks plus special offers. Delivered to your door.

An-An Japanese Desserts

Traditional hand-made Japanese desserts, Brighton UK

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