The Lightning sessions at the Families in Global Transition (FIGT) conference are meant to be engaging, informative, and based on a powerful question or idea. With 20 image-based slides, advancing automatically, 18 seconds each and with the speaker having no control over their transitions, these short presentations, presented in rapid succession, are fun and inspiring. I was one of the lightning presenters at the most recent FIGT annual conference in in The Hague and you can hear my talk below and view the accompanying slides.

And do click through to the other presenters talks too – they are all very different and incredibly well put together and presented. An amazing experience for us all! They are introduced by Lisa Ferland who is the editor and publisher of the Knocked Up Abroad series and runs her self-publishing and crowdfunding consulting business from her home headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

Meghan Peterson Fenn is the author of Bringing Up Brits, co-author of Inspiring Global Entrepreneurs, co-founder and Director of Design and Web at Shake It Up Creative. And, she is an award winning expat blogger and mother of three.