It’s coming to the end of Global Entrepreneurship Week and WOW what a week it’s been! My trip to Amsterdam for the launch of Inspiring Global Entrepreneurs (IGE), my second book co written with Heidi Walker was so much fun. It was even better than I had imagined it would be! (And I imagined it would be fabulous). Thanks to some amazing people who run amazing businesses in Amsterdam and surrounding areas. Caterina (featured in IGE) of Olivity saved me on a few occasions from being run over by cyclists and fed me in her gorgeous shop on Overtoom. She also showed me a few of the sights and made sure I made it to all of places I needed to get to. If you live in Amsterdam, you MUST go to Olivity and try the banana mocha cake (amongst many other lovely things to eat and drink)!

My aim for my trip was to network, get the word out there about IGE and to present the book to the Amsterdam Small Business Network (ASBN) run by Sharon Tainsh and Marjolijn Hendriksen (featured in IGE) who had invited me to come and tell their members about Inspiring Global Entrepreneurs. They run a friendly, supportive and open networking group for small businesses in Amsterdam and beyond. Their members reached out to Heidi and me and a few of them are featured in our book. I got to meet Vivienne McAlister-Geertz of Simply Skin who is also in the book. I really enjoyed the networking group, meeting its members and Sharon and Marjolijn made me feel at home and at ease when it came time for my presentation. If you run a business in Amsterdam or nearby, then get in touch with ASBN and become part of a thriving networking group.  Stephanie Ward (also in IGE) of Firefly Coaching invited me to attend the Amsterdam American Business Club (AABC) which happened directly before the ASBN. My first encounter with Stephanie after waiting months to finally meet her happened in the bathroom of the Marriot hotel. So funny. I had a blast, got my 30 second intro and met lots of fabulous people.

Mary Jane

It was very American and oddly enough (I say oddly enough because I feel very British these days) I felt right at home and could have stayed there all night chatting away! It was there that I also met Mary Jane Roy (also in IGE) of Creating Waves – see our photo together on the left.

I want to point out that I felt like I already knew these amazing ladies because I had learned about their businesses while writing IGE so being able to meet them in person was so exciting and so much fun. And, it was lovely to hear so many different accents – American, British, Dutch, Greek…. a truly wonderful experience, a successful launch and celebration of our achievement.

All of the expat entrepreneurs I’ve mentioned above are in IGE and on our website.

Here is a shout out for a few of the businesses I met and found interesting and also could be helpful to other expats in business. Some of these are start ups, some are established – they are all wonderful people and I look forward to getting to know about their businesses even more and perhaps featuring them on our website

Marie-Claire van Poelje of Driven Sales and Support – offering support business services to expats in businesses.

Laurence Haffmans-Monchamp of Sophrosan – a health and wellbeing business and ‘philosophy of life’ using relaxation techniques to help you in your expat life and business.

“My multicultural approach, and my experience as an expat, combining 17 years of life in Morocco and the Netherlands, allow me to adjust my work approach to the specific needs of an expatriate.” – Laurence

David Raleigh of Angloinfo – the global expat network and business directory. Everything you need to know about living in or moving to another country.  Angloinfo USA / Angloinfo London / Angloinfo Worldwide

Catherine Forgeon-Klinkhamer of France Related – providing copywriting and translation services in French, Dutch and English.

Neifor AcostaAttorney at Law from the USA and living and working in Amsterdam.

Caterina and SharonMy only regret is that I cannot return next month to these groups to see the people I met again and to hang out with Caterina and Sharon in that lovely restaurant we went to!

And finally, thanks to Dave Pelham of Dave Pelham Photography for taking some fabulous photos of the launch event. I am so pleased with them and I think the quality of the photos is superb. Here are my favorite pics.

Please note: All of the following photos below were taken by Dave Pelham, please visit his website

Meghan Fenn_IGE Book Launch_020SBN-32

Stephanie Ward, Sharon Tainsh, Meghan Fenn, Viv McAlister-Geertz, Marjolijn Hendriksen, Caterina Tzoridou

Meghan Fenn_IGE Book Launch_020SBN-41

Meghan Fenn_IGE Book Launch_020SBN-38Meghan Fenn_IGE Book Launch_020SBN-69

Meghan Fenn_IGE Book Launch_020SBN-46

Meghan Fenn_IGE Book Launch_020SBN-73

Meghan Fenn_IGE Book Launch_020SBN-25

Meghan Fenn_IGE Book Launch_020SBN-49

Meghan Fenn_IGE Book Launch_020SBN-76

Stephanie Ward of Firefly Coaching

Stephanie Ward of Firefly Coaching

Meghan Fenn_IGE Book Launch_020SBN-82

Caterina Tzoridou of Olivity

The founders of ASBN Marjolijn Hendriksen and Sharon Tainsh

The founders of ASBN Marjolijn Hendriksen and Sharon Tainsh

Meghan Fenn_IGE Book Launch_020SBN-79

And yes, my children were all fine without me. It was great to come home to their happy smiling faces eager to see me.