Bringing Up Brits

Don Key. Who’s Don Key? No, Don-key – the animal like a horse. OH! Donkey! %!%!

Something very funny happened today when we were at the Vet having our kitten jabbed. All 3 kids were with me and while I was trying to stop Jonah from breaking the cat toys and my older son (who should know better) from causing bodily harm to his younger brother, I noticed a flyer for […]

I have a fag burn on my jacket

I was shocked, horrified and offended by this casual remark from my British boyfriend 17 years ago. I thought – “What?? How can he say that!” Well, I have come a long long way since then and am no longer shocked, horrified or offended by sentences like this. I would still never say something like […]

American driver in Britain

American driver in Britain

A reader commented recently on how I didn’t put anything in Bringing Up Brits about driving in Britain. I think perhaps by the time I wrote my book, I felt I had mastered the art of driving on the other side of the road and parking in unimaginably tight spaces. But looking back, it was […]

Jennifer’s story

Jennifer came to my Worthing Mumpreneurs Networking Club event, joined up and then eventually became the Shoreham Mumpreneurs Networking Club manager. She is a Canadian expat and this is her story: “I have recently moved to England (July 2010) from Canada. As Canada is a commonwealth country and we still have in place a lot […]

Why is making mum friends so hard?

My thoughtful and very smart brother, who lives in South Carolina, sent me a link to a blog post called “Why is making mommy friends so hard?” I read this and thought this lady had mistakenly turned into me when she was writing her post! I had felt her same paranoia, felt her desperation,  her misunderstanding, and […]

“Are you from The Philippines?”

On my way to taking my toddler to pre-school, a man stopped me and asked me, “Are you from The Philippines?”. I smiled and said no and he said Ok, sorry. This is not the first time, or the last I’m sure, that strangers have stopped me and asked me this, although usually it is “Are […]

Daniela’s story

Whilst writing Bringing Up Brits, I came in contact with many expat parents who are raising their children here in Britain and i heard many of their stories. I am still receiving stories from parents and I wanted to share this one with you. I think it is important to raise awareness and also to […]