This time of year is often hectic, manic and slightly frightening. How on earth are we going to be ready in time for Christmas! Despite being a time full of joy and celebration it might also include (and if you’re like me, definitely includes) panic buying, even fewer hours for sleep, school fairs, nativities, carol concerts, dance shows, road trips to see ancient British relatives, and an obscene amount of work to get through before the kids break up!

This year, to cheer myself up and to keep me feeling more human and less robotic and neurotic, I’ve created a Christmas Pinterest board. I’ve pinned lots of pretty pics and images that represent what Christmas is for me and my family. I’ve pinned photos and images that are lovely and beautiful to look at and are very Christmassy. I’ve also included some amazing photos from cities around the world. There is some beautiful photography out there! Have a look at my Christmas board, I hope it cheers you up and getsĀ  you in the Christmas spirit. Every time I start to feel overwhelmed or am running around like a headless chicken, I grab my ipad and steal a few seconds to look at my Christmas board. It really makes me feel great! Take a look. If you’re on Pinterest, connect with me and I’ll follow you back. And, send in your Christmas photos or links to your Christmas photos and I’ll pin them on my board!

Merry Christmas to all my wonderful readers and all of you out there who are Bringing Up Brits in the UK or elsewhere in the world.