Last night my daughter, Anna Grace, wrote her second review on Amazon. It was for a book she read called Lousy Behaviour, the sequel to Lousy Thinking by school teacher and children’s author Mike Davies. Her first review was, of course, for Lousy Thinking. I am so proud of her and pleased that she A.) LOVES reading B.) can recognize a good book and C.) is confident enough to put her thoughts about something she read up on Amazon for any prospective readers to see.

I met Mike last year when he asked me to create a website for his career as a writer of children’s books. It was a wonderful project to work on and Mike is a talented and lovely man. It all started when I told him that two of my three children were the exact target age group for his books. He sent me a review copy of Lousy Thinking (before it was released) and I passed it on to both my older two children, Sam and Anna Grace. Sam read it and liked it. Anna Grace read it and loved it. She wants to become a writer when she grows up so she was fascinated by my relationship with a real life children’s author and wanted to become more involved. She advised me on the designs I was creating and wrote to Mike to ask questions about the book and about how to be a good writer. He sent her some helpful hints and tips on becoming a writer and now Anna Grace considers him to be a kind of writing mentor for her.

She is so proud of this that she took the books and Mike’s letter into school and her teacher read out the hints and tips to the whole class. She also told Anna Grace that she is now famous because she is mentioned, by Mike, in the first page of Lousy Behaviour. How thrilling for a 10 year old girl who loves to read!

Lousy Behaviour