Gosh, since I started this blog I’ve discovered so many online support networks and communities. If you are looking to connect with like-minded people, then take a look at this list of groups, pages, forums and newsletters that you can join. It really can make a difference if you have just moved and are looking to meet people or you need help/advice or if you want to network online. Some of these groups also put on events where you can go and meet the people you’ve connected with online in person. Exciting. Get connected!

www.expatexplorer.blogspot.com A hub for all the latest expat conversations and the home of the Expat Explorer survey.

www.uk-yankee.com Website and online forum for Americans living in the UK

www.expatarrivals.com Find everything you need to know about about your destination in ExpatArrivals country and city guides and read what the expat experts say.

www.americanexpats.co.uk Online forum for American expats.

http://talk.uk-yankee.com Website for Americans in the UK and includes a forum.

– this organisation has an online community and also hosts get togethers all over the world. It is a great network to be a part of. I am a member and have attended the Brighton Internations social. It’s a great place to meet like-minded people and perhaps someone from your own country as well.

www.expatwomen.com The largest global website helping women living overseas. Sign up to their newsletter!

www.expat-blog.com Living in England blog. Also has blogs about living in other countries too.

magazine.fourseasons.com Blogs from around the world, recommended blogs, articles and information about travelling, relocating and expat life.

Multilingual Family in the UK: Find out about other parents speaking the same language as you in the area where you live.

Exapt Network on LinkedIn Linked in has many groups for Expats in general and also specific to certain countries.

Expat Woman Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn

Brit Mums If you are a blogger, then sign up to Brit Mums and enter your blogs. They also hold an annual Brit Mums Live blogger event.

Netmums Parent bloggers network If you are a blogger, get your blog on Netmums

There are also expat groups on Facebook. Take a look around and see if you can find one that interests you. I recently was invited to join American Ex-pat Women in the UK which has been a lot of fun and great to connect with other Americans.

And please post a comment if you know of other groups that would be useful to know about. I welcome groups around the world and resources that are country-specific. Anything that has helped you might help someone else.