OK so I have to admit, I’ve only ever gone to 1 Christmas Panto, a much loved tradition in the UK, during my whole time here.  I really didn’t get it and didn’t find it funny or entertaining. It’s great for the kids but I will never take them again –  I’ll leave that to school or Brownies, this year Anna Grace is going with her Brownie group. I just don’t see the appeal. Pantos are HUGE here and incredibly popular with children AND adults alike. Why? I have no idea, really I don’t. It’s not a ba humbug thing, I am all for celebrating Christmas, but I just don’t see what Panto has to do with Christmas. It’s kind of like Punch and Judy. I don’t get that either. Ah well, who says I have to love everything British?

My daughter has become addicted to Christmas movies this year and watches Christmas 24 on TV. They have a never-ending stream of ‘made for TV’ American Christmas movies. I’ve watched a couple with her and although they are harmless and full of good will and Christmas spirit, they are overly sappy and incredibly hammy almost to the point of being unbearable to watch. Or perhaps it’s because we are over here, watching Christmas unfold within a certain type of American family and seeing such ‘foreign’ traditions it makes it seem even more hammy. Nevertheless, I’d rather watch a made for TV overly sentimental tear jerker of a Christmas movie than a British Panto! Speaking of Christmas movies though, one of my favorites is the British film Love Actually. Not suitable for young children,  mind you, but it is definitely one of my favs along with Miracle on 34th Street and It’s a Wonderful Life. My childrens’ favorites are The Grinch, The Polar Express and Arthur Christmas. There are so many great Christmas movies! What’s your favorite?

Merry Christmas everyone. I’d love to hear your opinions on the British Panto. Have you grown to love them or do you loathe them like I do?

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