Bringing Up Brits

Third Culture Parenting – Parenting Outside Your Own Culture

I wrote this guest blog post for Amanda van Mulligen’s blog about her expat life in The Netherlands but I wanted to announce it here as well because I think it’s so relevant to my own blog about parenting in Britain. Please click through to Amanda’s blog to read the whole post. And take a […]

Expat Entrepreneurs

Expat Entrepreneurs

Today I have an announcement and an introduction to make. Work has begun on my next book which is going to be about expat entrepreneurs starting up their businesses in a foreign country. At the moment the plan is to write about the UK, USA, China and Europe so that’s actually 4 ‘next’ books! I […]

Expat women, Expat-blog, Twitter and ….. CHER

Since starting Bringing Up Brits blog, I have come across some great resources for expats in the UK and actually – for expats all over the world. Some I discovered when I was writing Bringing Up Brits and others I’ve found more recently. I will tell you about a few. Expat women. This is a beautiful […]