I just ordered some fantastic books by two British mothers and writers. Very excited!

I’ve been meaning to get this book for a while now and i’m so looking forward to reading it. My daughter is 8 and already acts like a teenager sometimes – everything is a drama!! It’s very different parenting boys – my 10 year old is way more easy-going when it comes to clothes, shoes, school, friends etc., so I can just carry on and do things my way or the way I think he would like me to. But with my daughter, I have to be more careful because she has her own (very strong opinion) on such things.

It’s also  interesting for me because I feel that in the States, children grow up very very quickly these days (especially girls) so it will be interesting to see what the perspective is here in Britain.


I actually already read this book a few years ago, but gave my copy to a friend and now I want to read it again!

If you are a busy working mother, this is a must read for you. Really useful and practical things to put in place that save time and make things run more efficiently. I am looking forward to re-visiting this book and seeing where I’ve let things slip and perhaps try some of the suggestions Tanith writes about that I did not try two years ago. I really like the stuff about food – gave me some really good ideas that I never would have thought of. And gave me a better understanding and insight into what British parents feed their children!

Can’t wait till it arrives. Tanith Carey is an award winning author and journalist. And she is also a mother. www.tanithcarey.com



I got this book to inspire me to write about something I’m passionate about – running my own business! I set up White Ochre Design 8 years ago and I’ve had many many ups, a few downs, and have re-located the business and had two children since I started out. I’m looking for inspiration and interesting stories.

Anita Naik is a journalist and author of 20 books. She’s also a mother and a business woman. www.anitanaik.co.uk