This year has been pretty monumental considering all that’s happened. We are very thankful for our health and good jobs. We work hard and tackle the juggling act as so many families do these days where both parents work and there’s no outside childcare or regular help. I think we are in a difficult position not having any grandparents nearby to support us, if we didn’t have Andrew, a close family friend or Suzanne, my sister-in-law nearby, we would be much worse off. So we definitely have that to be thankful for.

This year is the first year we went out to dinner at a restaurant for Thanksgiving, we went to Coast To Coast American Restaurant at Brighton Marina. We had a splendid time and my review can be found here. I recommend Coast To Coast for its American infused menu! the friendly and efficient service and the tasty food. See more here!

While we were eating, we went around the table and each said what we were thankful for. Mostly it was about having good health and good jobs (Nick changed job this year and took on a very risky strategy where we didn’t know if he’d be in a permanent contract or not. It was 3 months of stress and uncertainty. I even started looking at smaller houses in case we had to downgrade.) Later in the year, we found ourselves in the position of owing our builder £35,0000 and at one stage did not think we would be able to pay him. I lost a dress size in weight due to the stress of it all! Anyway, needless to say, we are very thankful for our jobs. Especially Nick’s. I am thankful for wonderful clients who are constantly recommending me and for my business associates who support me and my company. For the children, our pets came up a lot and school and friends and of course tech.

As we look towards Christmas and I finally start my Christmas shopping, we are hopeful for a relaxing, stress free holiday break. BUT we’re not there yet! We still have the madness of all the school Xmas fairs and school activities and school projects, RSOPA celebrate xmas show, plus all the shopping and Xmas prep, social engagements and visiting Telford (where my husband is from), not to mention my own workload and business commitments, but we’ll get there eventually and maybe we will even get to put our feet up for a day or so this Christmas.

Happy holidays everyone.