How true it is that how time flies when you have children! I can’t believe I have a 14 year old mixed race daughter, a teenager that has suddenly grown taller than me this year! Her birthday is on Valentine’s Day 14 Feb. I took a group of ten teenagers bowling with our children, we had a fantastic game! Since her birthday was the last day of this Chinese New Year celebration, we thought it would be appropriate to have Chinese food at China Palace, a local restaurant. I was very happy to see that all her friends love Chinese food and kept saying how yummy the food was.


While the girls were enjoying the cupcakes, they were delighted when I offered to cook a Chinese meal at home for them one day. Over the years I have been invited to talk to schools and kids clubs about Chinese culture and I’ve tried to show them what Chinese culture is like.  It would be great to give my daughter’s friends a taste of China at home as well.


Linda is Chinese British, married to an Englishman, has two half British half Chinese children and is raising them here in England. She works full time helping to advise International students from all over the world who come to study in Britain. She is also a contributor to Bringing Up Brits.