I’m not a Mom, I’m a Mum. But I am from America and my own mother is a Mom. So happy Mother’s Day to my Mom and to all Moms today whether you are in the States or elsewhere! Have a wonderful day!

I’ve already celebrated Mother’s Day here in England back in March, although I didn’t actually celebrate on the day due to trip to an unfortunate trip to the hospital. However, my lovely husband treated me to getting my colours done – something I had been wanting to do for several years. It was fabulous! I highly recommend it. It’s fun, informative and you come away with a whole host of new skills. Really, you do! Shopping for clothes and make up is much easier now as I can immediately disregard anything that isn’t in my colours. Cuts out a lot of the bull and saves masses of time. It also truly makes you feel more confident and is an uplifting experience that stays with you for forever.

Just make sure you go to someone who knows their stuff. Vivienne Smith did my colours and she is brilliant. She talked about the history of colours and referenced many of my favorite artists and made sure I understood the relevance of what she was talking about. This had a huge impact on the session as it really put into perspective how important colour is and how it can transform the way you think about colour, how you understand colour, and how you look. My daughter came with me and enjoyed the session as well – it was really useful having her there actually because now she understands everything and can help me choose things to wear and tells me when I go off plan (in the sweetest way possible – Not).

And to celebrate Mother’s Day USA, I’ve bought myself a new bag from CloudBerry Bags. I actually did need one as my other one broke and I desperately needed a bag for work functions.

I hope all you moms get to do something as special as I did. Whatever, it is, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

I nearly posted my last blog post about daughter swap as USA Mother’s Day post because it’s about mothers and daughters but I’m pleased to be able to highlight these two fabulous businesses that other Moms and Mums can benefit from.



cloudberry bags

Meghan Peterson Fenn is the author of Bringing Up Brits and co-author of Inspiring Global Entrepreneurs with Heidi Mulligan Walker. Meghan is also the Director and Chief Designer at her own design company, White Ochre Design Ltd. And, she is an award winning expat blogger.