Seychelles MamaArthur was born here in Seychelles and since he is our first baby I guess the first thing to note is that we have no other personal experience with raising kids elsewhere!  If you’d like to know a little more about having a baby in the Seychelles you can read my birth story on my website.

In terms of day to day life there are, obviously, positives and negatives.
Some of the most positive things are:

  • We always wanted to raise our children outside of the UK.
  • We wanted a life where they could spend a lot of time outside.  I used to say that I wanted ‘a little Mowgli’.

That’s just what we have got with Arthur here in Seychelles.  Our little guy has a nice open garden space, some of the best beaches in the world and a world heritage site rainforest all at his fingertips.

Arthur can run around in just a nappy most of the day.  When he was a baby we’d put on a little bodysuit if we were going out and now it’s just little shorts and tshirt at most!  Nice and easy!!

He’s outside A LOT….something I always wanted for my kids!  It’s amazing how a blast of fresh air can “cure” a grumpy kid (and a grumpy mama!). The view here certainly helps too!

Seychelles Mama

I’ve never felt judged for any of my parenting decisions.  I’m not saying everyone does back in the UK but I’ve heard a lot of people get upset with how health visitors have made them feel, people in their baby classes, friends etc.  Since we don’t really have any of those things we are left to it ourselves to do things our way the way we think is best!

The expat community have been amazingly supportive to us!  It can be difficult to get things you need for a baby, especially the bigger items, we were so lucky with all the help we received!

Some of the harder things about life here day to day with a little one include:

  • Being away from family and friends.  Okay that’s an obvious one but you do miss/crave that support when you’ve got kids.  This would be the same anywhere you are expatriated to of course.  In fact it can feel just the same living in the UK if you don’t have family living close by!
  • Of course the weather here is wonderful, but it is very hot, a baby with a heat rash is NO fun!!  Luckily we have air con now which is a life saver for day time naps.  Also I often need avoid being out at mid day because it’s just too hot.
  • It can be difficult to get hold of things you want.  I’m not saying you won’t be able to get nappies, but you have to be flexible. Sometimes you can’t get the brand you want for a few weeks, months even.

Some of the bigger issues that we considered for bringing up our Brit in the Seychelles:

  • We were worried about Mosquitos when he was very small.  We are lucky here that there is no malaria or anything like that but even so it’s always good avoid mosquito bites when we can.  Our house has Mosquito nets at the windows and this makes it so our house is pretty much Mosquito (in fact all bugs) free.  Even when we are out and about, Arthur does not seem to be effected by them.  He’s had a couple of bites but they have not itched him at all. For myself and Mark we have also found that after a short amount of time living here we were effected a lot less by Mosquitos.
  • Education is obviously an important factor wherever in the world you live with your children.  In the Seychelles there are government school’s but there is also a private school on both Mahe (the main island) and on Praslin (the second largest, where we live) which follows the British education system.  Mark works at the school on Praslin, this is the school Arthur will attend.  It starts from nursery age at 3 years old and now goes all the way through to sixth form.
  • The health care system is more solid then we imagined it would be.  We had a rather unfortunate trip to the hospital with Arthur when he fell off the bed and we were very happy with the care that he received.  We also were more than happy with the treatment I received when I had Arthur and wouldn’t think twice about staying here if we have more children! We do pay for our healthcare here but it is really reasonable, nothing like the cost of American health care.  Prescriptions are less than the UK too.

Over all we couldn’t be happier with raising our little guy here. We are certainly not planning on going anywhere soon!!!

Seychelles Mama

Originally from the UK, Chantelle has been living in the Seychelles since August 2012 with her husband Mark and their son Arthur who arrived June 2013.

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