Well it’s here! Arrived when I was out on the school run so had a moment of disappointment thinking it wasn’t coming when my neighbor came over and handed me a package. I acted all nonchalant, closed the door and squealed with delight while I ripped open the packaging. Inspiring Global Entrepreneurs is released to the general public on November 18th. I am taking pre-orders now on the Expatsinbiz.com website and Heidi and I are offering a launch special offer price £10 plus p&p in the UK, $17 plus p&p in the USA. RRP is £12.99 and $19.95. Get your orders in NOW so we know HOW MANY to purchase for you! www.expatsinbiz.com/book.php

Inspiring Global Entrepreneurs



268 pages, paperback, published by LIP.

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Start up roadmap worksheet and reflection activities.

success story

Success stories

Success Story

Success stories

Goal Pyramid

Goal pyramid, from chapter 3 Overcoming Fear

Available on Amazon from November 18th. This is all very exciting and I’m not sure how I’m going to sit and concentrate on my design work today.

Oh my, after 14 months of hard work, dedication, inspiration, writing writing writing, editing editing and editing – all done while working full time running my own company and a household with three young children and a husband who quit his job and got a better one (albeit a stressful process for him/us), I am so thrilled that it is finally here and ready to go out to the world. And Heidi, my wonderful co-author has not had an easy year at all either!! In fact, hers has been even more traumatic with repatriating, settling into her new home, getting her 3 kids into a new routine in a brand new country, setting up her business and dealing with a serious health issue. No, it’s not been an easy time for her either and we could hear it in each other’s voices over Skype and in our emails as we were co-authoring together while living on two different continents. Oh it’s no easy-peasy picnic in the park this authoring business!! But we are here, we made it.

AND, I am working on my presentation to the Amsterdam Small Business Network in Amsterdam on November 18th, our official book launch, to a group of 70 international business men and women. Eeeek! Exciting but absolutely terrifying. Please send me words of encouragement that I can use as a ‘mantra’ to pull me through when I’m standing there looking like a deer caught in headlights!