Can you believe my kids are already starting to put together their Santa wish lists? They are also doing ones for me and their father. It’s very cute, but slightly distressing. The beginning of October marks the start of ‘Christmas’ – scary but true. We still have Halloween and Thanksgiving to get through (although technically there is no Thanksgiving here in the UK). It’s such a fun time of year but busy – very busy. Especially for parents. We have parents evening next week and I have 3 different schools to remember to go to this year! Jonah is starting his reading at home as well and Sam’s homework has become very intense indeed. I think I may need to start a rota so that between us, Nick and I can cover all the homework and not forget anything. Wow, I don’t how how parents with more than 3 children do this!! I mean, they outnumber us now. No idea how my mother did it with 5!

At least we have half term break here and schools are off for a week at the end of October. That gives us a little breather to re-coup, catch up on homework and reading and start to make plans for the holiday season.

In a couple of weekends it’s the Lewes Bonfire night and we are looking forward to taking part for a second year along with my sister-in-law and her family. It is a much anticipated tradition which includes marching through the streets of Lewes and a huge bonfire. It’s a lot of fun – slightly spooky and a great thing to do with my kids and their cousins – hopefully this will be one of their cherished memories.

We are having a Halloween party this year, albeit a very low key one. Each child will invite one friend, we’ll do trick-or-treating with costumes, a special Halloween supper and then some scary movies (littlies first and then older ones after). I’m getting excited about it!

What’s on your Santa lists this year? Front runners for us are: Scooter, Xbox games, Lego – lots of Lego, long long book lists and iPod touch (really??). My list has 1 item – SLEEP.