Are your kids going to school today? Amazingly all 3 of mine are able to go. Sam’s school is half open, Anna Grace’s school is mostly closed but luckily her teacher is going to be there and Jonah’s school is mostly open. If they had been shut, I would have needed to re-arrange a few meetings and Skype tutorials, but I would have been able to look after them and manage it without any major problems. What do parents who do not run their own businesses or work from a home-based office do on days like these? Days where you were counting on them being in school but last minute are told the school will be shut?

My neighbour would have had to ask me to take care of her son OR she would have had to take a day off work. Luckily, her son is in Jonah’s class and it is open. I’m sure many parents have had to scramble around finding childcare or had to take a day off work.

As a former teacher, I understand how pissed off they must be about the attack on their terms and conditions and their pensions and having to work until they are 68 in order to get their pension. It’s an outrage really. However, there must be some other way that does not include closing schools? Their industrial action means they won’t actually be teaching when they’ve made a commitment to their jobs, their pupils. It’s such a shame that this is their only way to protest – and will anything change because of it? Will Education Secretary Michael Gove engage in negotiations with the unions after today? Will this strike make a difference?

Who’s having to find childcare today? Who is going to lose out most of all today?

You can read more about the strike here:

And this is a funny news item about a letter to a head teacher that went viral.

That definitely strikes a chord with me!