We are on the last half term before summer holidays and first day back my youngest had an inset day and my eldest and I thought he had an inset day. However on my way to school with my daughter, I noticed a whole bunch of kids in the same school uniform as Sam. So I rushed back to check and no, indeed, he did not have an inset day. Poor boy – he went from being in bed fast asleep to up, dressed and out the door in 3 minutes. They really do put the fear of God into them about being late! He was a few minutes late and he did get a 15 minute detention at break time which he was pleased about because he yelled as he ran out the door “I’m going to get an hour’s detention after school!” He came home smiling at his unbroken ‘never had after school detention’ record and then lectured me on the importance of getting things right. Of course he is right and I got it wrong. With three kids in three different schools to manage, I sometimes get things wrong!

With it being a normal working day, I had some work to do and my plan of having Sam play with Jonah was literally out the window (or the door). So I set up the front room with Lego and toys and told Jonah I would be working but he could come in any time and play in my office and that I would fix a snack for him. All was going well, he was playing happily, I was steaming through work. I kept hearing this tearing and ripping noise in the next room which I thought didn’t sound all too good. So I went to check – he was using masking tape to tape up some cardboard he’d found in the recycling. All good I thought. So he was wasting some mildly expensive decorating tape. Oh well, it could be worse. A little while later, it had gone quiet. Too quiet. So I went to check and discovered he had found the scissors. Oh dear. What do to – take them away and risk a tantrum which would mean I’d have to stop working. OR, let him continue to play with the scissors and risk potential bodily harm. Hmmm, tough decision…. obviously I took them away from him. And that was the end of my working day! I actually gave them back to him but stayed with him while he finished off his creation.

I am amazed at what he made. He calls it his Ham Hat (because the inspiration behind it was the packaging for sandwich ham which he loves).

Jonah's Ham HatJonah's Ham HatJonah's Ham Hat

I love this and he and I are both proud of his ‘ham hat’. Just goes to show you how much children can surprise and amaze you with their ingeniousness and creativity with no adult input at all.

Meghan Peterson Fenn is the author of Bringing Up Brits and co-author of Inspiring Global Entrepreneurs with Heidi Mulligan Walker. Meghan is also the Director and Chief Designer at her own design company, White Ochre Design Ltd. And, she is an award winning expat blogger.