Today is World Book Day and over the years my two older children have gone as Harry Potter, Robin Hood, Lucy Pevensie, Reepacheep, Nancy Drew, Heidi, Tinkerbell and Michelangelo. I’m sure there were more but I can’t recall off the top of my head. My daughter Anna Grace loves books more than anything and goes through them so quickly we can’t keep up. I know today is fun for her even though she’s a little too old now for dress-up (or ‘fancy dress’ as they call it here).

For Jonah, on the other hand, this is his very first World Book Day at school and he’s been excited all week about it. Can you guess which book character Jonah is going as? And yes, I made it from scratch! Please don’t judge.

And since it’s World Book Day, celebrate by taking a look at the two books I’ve written. Although they are non-fiction, they are books nevertheless! And you never know, you might like them and find them useful 🙂

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Meghan Fenn is the author of Bringing Up Brits and co-author of Inspiring Global Entrepreneurs with Heidi Mulligan Walker. Meghan is also the Director and Chief Designer at her own design company, White Ochre Design Ltd.  And, she is an award winning expat blogger.