Although Jonah’s actual birthday is this coming Saturday, he had his birthday party (a joint party with his best friend) this past Saturday. They were born within two weeks of each other, they’re in the same class at school, have many of the same friends and live two doors down from each other. Seemed to make sense to do a party together. With both children loving the ‘Despicable Me’ movies, their theme was Minions. My son’s best friend’s mum had previously told me she was happy to do the cake and wanted to do a minion cake. I was thrilled, pleased to hand over the cake responsibility for once – after all the birthday parties I’ve done over the years I felt it was OK and I didn’t need to feel guilty about not making my child’s cake (or ordering it). To be honest though, when she said she wanted to do a minion cake, I was imaging what it would look like if I made it (or ordered it). Just a normal flat cake with a photo of minions on the icing. You know, the kind you can get from Sainsbury’s with a picture in the icing. What she actually created was beyond amazing, beyond anything I could ever have imagined. She did indeed make a Minion cake.


She even made two purple minion cakes for each of the boys with candles to blow out. WOW. The children loved them and the parents were astounded. Hands down, the best cake any of my children have ever had. And, it tasted yummy. Anna Grace said she should go on The Great British Bake Off. We all agreed.

The party was run by Bee-Fit, a Worthing based company offering fun and fitness classes for all the family. They did a mini disco party for us complete with party games, fun and dancing including music, disco lights, bubbles, parachute, balloons, tattoos, limbo, pass the parcel and much more. They were fantastic and I highly recommend them for a child’s birthday party. It was a huge success and fun was had by all.



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