Book review: Mum Hacks – Time-saving tips to calm the chaos of family life by Tanith Carey

Mum Hacks by Tanith Carey

Best bits

  • Covers all age ranges from babies to young teens
  • Covers cooking to parenting to taking care of yourself, jam packed with time saving tips!
  • Excellent swapping ideas for toys for younger children (chapter 2 Playtime Planning)
  • Picky eating – great advice and food ideas. From experience, if you introduce kids to all kinds of foods early on, they’ll be used to trying new things as they grow up
  • Eating together – totally agree.  I always thought feeding kids early without parents was a British style of parenting and never much liked it (chapter 1 Kitchen craziness)
  • Useful ‘What you really need in a car’ tips. We live near the beach so also include a beach bag in the car for those impromtu beach visits. But don’t forget to clean them out once in a while. I recently found too small swim suits in ours! (chapter 5 Happy holidaying)
  • Love the format of chapter 4 Behaving better – Time-wasting and Time-saving examples. Really helps to see how unproductive the time-wasting scenarios are. And I’m sometimes guilty!
  • Good companion for working parents who are always in need of time-saving ideas and ways of doing things – putting in to practice is made easy by Carey’s no-nonsense approach
  • Lots of common sense advice that we should know, but need reminding of regularly

Get the book for all these time saving tips and more, in detail!


  • Not just for mums, get dads and grandparents to read it too
  • Keep in your bag and read when on the go with the kids (while waiting for them at activities)
  • Read it in chunks so as not to feel too overwhelmed by it all
  • Makes a great gift for new parents
  • Re-visit often, especially when you feel stressed about keeping on top of things at home
  • For those with teens who have younger siblings – get them to read certain chapters such as Kitchen craziness,  Behaving better and housework hacks so they can help out. My teenage daughter read the whole book!

Mum HacksMum Hacks by Tanith Carey is available on Amazon.