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Year 9 options in UK schools

Year 9 options in UK schools

For those who, like me, had no idea what options meant or what GCSEs were then talk to your child’s teachers – visit the school, find out all the information relevant to your child’s year 10 and 11 options. Last week I attended the parents’ options evening at my son’s school for year 9 students. […]

High School in Britain equals exams exams exams

Congratulations to all the kids who got the GSCE and A level results they worked so hard for. I have a son who is on the verge of entering all these exam ‘phases’ in high school. It seems like such a confusing and serious exam schedule! It also seems like they spend all their high […]

Year 6 SATS and beyond

Yesterday I attended a parent meeting at my son’s middle school which was about year 6 SATS. These are statutory tests covering reading, spelling and mathematics (maths). I am confident that I know how to help prepare my son for these tests, however I fear I am now entering the phase which I have dreaded […]