Just discovered a fun blog linky that I saw on Twitter called Word of the week on The Reading Residence blog and am inspired to take part. So my word of this week is:


And perhaps ‘don’t forget’ as well.

“Remember, you have to get up early this week. So start going to bed earlier.”

“Remember, we have to get new school shirts before Thursday this week.”

“Must remember to label new shirts.”

“Remember, swimming starts this week.”

“Remember, trim your nails before Thursday!”

“Remember to get your school bags ready on Wednesday evening.”

“Don’t forget to wash your hair Wednesday evening!”

“Remember to dig your school shoes out and polish them for Thursday.”

“Don’t forget to get your lunch box ready.”

“Must remember to get lunch box food!”

“Remember, Jonah does NOT need a lunch box this year so don’t get his ready!!”

“Don’t forget your glasses and glasses case!”

“Remember to organize your pencil cases and tell me if you need any supplies.”

“Don’t forget to go to the store to get school supplies!”

“Remember your PE kit.”

“Must remember to check PE kits.”

“Must NOT forget to get Jonah from school at 3pm. Must remember to leave the house at 2:45pm. Better set the alarm!” (I tend to get very engrossed in work and sometimes forget to look at the clock!!)

“Remember to put your lunch box in your bag.”

“Don’t forget your keys!”

So yes, remember! Is there anything we’ve forgotten?

The Reading Residence

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