An update to my post about American history: We have done two weeks of American history lessons and so far so good. I take my hat off to parents who homeschool their children on a full-time basis. I always thought it would be challenging but I highly underestimated the amount of patience that is required and I have a new-found respect for homeschooling parents.

Firstly, the amount of bickering between the two (they both want to show off their expertise and both vie for my attention) is unbearable. I don’t want to shout at them to stop, but that is what I end up doing. Surely they don’t act this way in school! When I asked them this, they replied “Of course not!”

Secondly, finding good teaching materials is time-consuming. I mean I have a full-time job running my own company, I have a book to promote and a blog to keep up to date plus a household to run, a husband to keep happy and 3 children to take care of. Last week I spent an extra three hours trying to find materials I could use for the lesson on the end of the American Revolution. I think I may have to buy an American history book for children – the cost will be worth the time it saves me in lesson planning. Problem is that I haven’t found one that looks comprehensive enough. Parents who homeschool must get teaching materials from somewhere??!! And not just the Internet…..

The children seem to be doing well and are enjoying the lessons – my daughter more than my son, who runs off whenever he thinks I’m not paying attention to ‘meet’ his friends online – something he’d much rather be doing. This week he exclaimed “America is so much cooler than England because it’s so random”. OK. No idea what he meant by that!! My daughter was able to tell me exactly what we learned last week almost verbatim. That’s my girl.

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