Over the years I have learned to throw the perfect English children’s birthday party – from the quintessential home party complete with homemade cakes and cru de te, to the raging soft play party, to the pre-teen sleepover party with midnight raids and questionable movies. I’ve written before in a previous blog post about birthday parties from the parent’s point of view and also mentioned them in my book Bringing Up Brits too.

My latest triumph-to-be is a laser tag party for my oldest boy and his 7 friends. All boys of course. Get ready for one testosterone packed hour of fun! I am looking forward to the bottle of wine my husband always has on hand for post-party wind down.

I feel I am becoming an old pro at this birthday malarky and unfortunately with my youngest I don’t feel the need to prove anything anymore so therefore have stopped trying so hard. I have found the parties that really count are the ones when they first start school and are trying to make friends. It’s so important for them to find friends at this stage and having a memorable birthday party can really make a huge difference. It also sets the tone for their future birthdays so it’s crucial to make an effort on their behalf at this vulnerable stage in their young lives. Jonah's birthday partyGive it a few years, Jonah, and I will be back on form! He did not have a party this year, we took him for a day out at Drusillas instead – photo to the left. Although I must point out that year before last, Jonah’s birthday party was one of my most successful parties I’ve done with the help of Victoria of Caterpillar Music. A truly wonderful home party for a two year old.

A good Canadian friend is getting married in England this summer to her British boyfriend, and who is throwing her a hen do???? That’s right, yours truly, a fellow North American who has never even been to a hen do EVER. I am relying on the help from some fellow mumpreneurs who are old hats at hen do-ing activities. Come on ladies, muck in and gi’s us non-Brits a lesson or two. Please post your hen do hints and tips on this blog post. Thanks very much!

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