The kids and I had a giggling fit last night during story time. I was annoyed at first because it was down-time and I was attempting to get my youngest asleep at a decent hour, but my older daughter’s laugh is so infectious that we just ended up giggling and giggling. This of course resulted in the toddler becoming hyperactive and not feeling at all sleepy anymore nor wanting to sit quietly and finish the stories. An hour of hard work undone in less than 5 seconds!

Ah well, who can blame him when our story time is actually quite funny – I blame the authors! The books from my own childhood that I’ve brought over from America and ones that my parents have given the children seem to be stereotypical night time stories complete with cute puppies or rhyming nighttime tales or moralistic tales of lost and found kittens. Then you’ve got the story books that are popular here with British families – The Gruffalo and The BFG have terrified all 3 of my children during different years of my life (although they love these stories!), Harvey Slumfenburger’s Christmas Present and The Tiger Who Came to Tea are also favorites.

Recently I’ve noticed a number of books about poo and pooing. The one we read last night (my youngest son’s favorite) is called Everybody Poos by Japanese author, Taro Gomi. The illustrations are actually pretty foul and it’s the type of book my mother would proclaim highly unsuitable and absolutely disgusting!

I do love the books that I’m discovering for the first time along with my children and think the creativity and imagination they spark is wonderful. I love the fact that we have a good mixture of both American stories that reference American lifestyles and my own childhood and British, European and International stories that are so much a part of the current British child’s life here.

Take a look at my previous blog post titled ‘The Gruffalo meets Goodnight Moon’ where I give a list of some of my family’s favorite American stories and books for children.

And let’s hope tonight is a more successful bedtime hour (maybe with just a few giggles here and there).

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