In one of my sporadic efforts to promote my book Bringing Up Brits, I went into Waterstones Worthing branch yesterday and talked to the manager about my book, she looked it up in the system and immediately told me it wouldn’t sell in her store. She said Worthing isn’t multi-cultural enough so she would never stock a book like mine. She also said that this is the type of book people would specifically be looking for so they would simply buy it online. This is a hard one for me and it’s kind of a catch 22 because people will only seek it out online if they actually know about it. Hence my effort to get it ‘seen’ ie., in an actual store.

Although it was a rejection, there were some positives that came from my little venture:
A.) my 3 year old was very good and very quiet throughout the whole discussion (perhaps the sweets and lolly played a small part in this) My 10 year old told me that my book would look awesome in their window display (currently all about Britain with Union Jacks everywhere). It is humbling to be praised by your own children.
B.) I learned that I need to focus on Waterstones branches in cities, specifically London probably, rather than waste my time on stores that wouldn’t even consider it due to demographics. If I were an author full time, this wouldn’t be such an issue. Running a busy design company is my full time job so promoting my book unfortunately gets sidelined. I won’t give up though, I just need a little help in this area!
C.) I got affirmation that it is a good seller online and that I should push online promotion (online marketing strategy is now on my to do list)
D.) I met an author who was in the store selling her book. We had a really nice chat, she was so friendly and encouraging to me and open and honest when I asked her questions. I was feeling nervous when I first chatted to her (pre-rejection) and deflated when I next talked to her (post-rejection) but she was so encouraging and lovely that it cheered me up and so I wanted to include her in my blog post.

Strings Attached by Mandy BaggotMandy Baggot author of Strings Attached, her third romance novel. She has book signings all over the UK in various Waterstones branches and she has a fourth book just out called Taking Charge. Please visit her website and buy one of her books which are sold directly on her website.

Note to Mandy: I didn’t buy your book yesterday because I was distracted – I am going on your website now and buying it – looking forward to reading it! And this blog post is for you, thanks for being so friendly to me.

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